betrace-EDDElectric Drug Detection (EDD)

Single unit detection: a revolutionary patented technology developed by Betrace

Through their patented Electronic Drug Detection (EDD) captors, Betrace solutions guarantee high- security single unit pharmaceutical product tracking.

The Betrace EDD captor system is the only one of its kind on the market for secure pharmaceutical storage and dispensing. The captors recognize product loading and the presence and withdrawal of products, to ensure a unique system of single unit drug tracking. The EDD technology guarantees movement tracking even in cases of system breakdown or power failure.

The different types of EDD captor respond to the physical constraints of pharmaceutical products:


Completed by physical security of the drawers in which the EDD captors are installed, and the requirement for user identification to authorize the opening, the Betrace technology links each product movement to the identified user and guarantees a virtuous circle of responsibility and traceability.

Betrace solutions contribute to patient safety objectives, through the EDD system, to support the process of getting the right medication to the right patient at the right time.



betrace-careBetrace Care

Betrace Care, a performant and adaptable IT environment to optimize your drug management chain

Available for all Betrace solutions, Betrace Care guarantees homogenous integration, consistent user interfaces and interconnectivity with already existing software and IT systems.

Designed in collaboration with end-user medical professionals, the Betrace Care user interface brings together speed and ease of use, adapted to the area and scope of deployment: emergency room, intensive care unit, operating theatre… with or without planning and re-stocking.

Medical product security and data integrity

User identification, which is compulsory to open the secured dispensing drawers, is based on either a biometric imprint, or adapted to the hospital or institution’s existing systems, such as chip/pin card scanners or contactless systems such as Mifare.

Once the drawers are open, Betrace Care identifies and records every product movement through the unit detection captors, linking each movement to the user details, the time and the patient for who the product is destined. This information is clearly displayed in detail on the user’s touch-screen and simultaneously centrally registered on the Betrace Care server, so that all the data is available in real-time.

Historical data is thus generated, software configuration deployed, the management intranet across the entire Betrace park is live and management system interfaces are connected.

To further facilitate supply chain supervision, the Betrace intranet permits management and monitoring of all the decentralized installed Betrace solutions from a single point.

Customized system integration

betraceA dedicated technical team has given particular attention to the integration of Betrace solutions with existing software and IT systems, whether commercial (Infohos, Pharma, Medsoc…), or internally developed proprietary software. Communication can be set up through HL&7, connected or not, through XML or any other established protocol.

Very importantly, Betrace Care also includes an autonomous mode that kicks in during power failure or equipment breakdown, and which continues to collect movement information for upload into the system once full operability is re-established.


Together with Electronic Drug Detection (EDD), Betrace Care provides a wide range of features to facilitate daily drug management and dispensing:

Betrace Care offers a complete range of tools and functionalities to simplify management of your pharmaceutical supply chain, drastically reduce loss of product, improve staff productivity, and optimize the invoicing for all services equipped with Betrace solutions.

betrace-efficientEfficient Care

A customized Betrace drug management and dispensing solution will play a measurable role in your institution’s drive for improvement in three areas that really count: quality of care, cost optimization, staff efficiency.

It is a dilemma for all modern medical facilities. How to maintain medical standards and improve patient care while keeping costs in check.

As the rules, regulations and documentation in medical administration increase, the medical staff spend more and more time filling out paperwork, taking valuable time away from their core activities of patient care.

In such an intrinsically human and domain, where automation can have its limits, medical administrators are always looking for solutions to meet the budgetary constraints, without sacrificing standards of care.

You probably already have answers to these questions:

Installing a Betrace drug tracking and dispensing solution can go a long way on helping to resolve these issues.

Imagine a highly secure, automated, integrated and paper-free dispensing system
This is Betrace.