product-home-coolCombining Betrace technology and Dometic manufacturing expertise, Betrace Cool provides high-security, temperature-controlled, nominative medication storage and dispensing.

Betrace Cool delivers optimally stored medications to the right patient at the right time through the innovative Betrace Electronic Drug Detection (EDD) technology built into a Dometic medical refrigerator unit.

A unique and customizable solution, the Betrace Cool offers a freestanding temperature-controlled environment, equipped with the patented EDD captors, which allow automated, individual drug tracking during the entire supply and distribution process.

Betrace Cool is customizable and with a configuration of five drawers, can hold and track up to 600 individual containers – bottles, boxes or phials. Providing end-to-end solutions, the Betrace Care IT environment guarantees ease of connection to existing IT systems, other Betrace solutions and intuitive, paper-less user interfaces. Fully modular, Cool can be coupled with a Betrace Max cabinet, a second Cool cabinet or with Curl, Betrace’s secure vending cabinet.

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Betrace Cool features


Product specifications

Type of door Solid door
Gross volume 353
Net volume 340
Dimensions H x l x L 1840 x 700 x 616 mm
Fixed point +5
Alarm level (can be programmed individually) +2/+8 C°
Voltage 220-240
Frequency 50 Hz
Electricity consumption 240 W
Electricity consumption in kWh/day 1.41 (24/7 operation)
Effective life (from +5°C to +10°C) 0.50 h
Climate class N N (+16°C < +32 °C)